One of Copenhagen’s most enchanting streets – a micro-society based on wine, cheese, interior design, food and street life infused with a dose of French charm.
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French quarter with a split personality

While it’s obvious that there’s something French to the DNA of Værnedamsvej, the street seems to have trouble deciding where it belongs. With one side of the street belonging to Vesterbro and the other to Frederiksberg, Værnedamsvej is not only a street split between two neighborhoods – it’s also a street split between two municipalities with the residents on one side of the street paying less taxes than the ones living on the other side of the street.

Taxes and technicalities aside, the charming street has the ability to bring people together whether it’s for a glass of wine, shopping or good food. It’s the kind of street you could pass through in less than five minutes but why on earth would you?!

Stop by Shop DORA for a design souvenir. Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

A celebration of the good life

Today, Værnedamsvej is chic, urban and local – it’s posh yet down to earth, but it wasn’t always so. Truth is that until 1733, Værnedamsvej was not a street worth mentioning. Literally, because it didn’t even have a name! But along came Werner Dam, a beer tapper who opened a beer garden in this little nameless street connecting Gammel Kongevej and Vesterbrogade. Werner Dam managed to turn the beer garden into a quite popular hangout, and eventually the street was named after Werner Dam, who brought happiness as well as beer to the area.

Wine, dine and shop on Værnedamsvej

Looking for coffee, wine, flowers, interior design, clothes, cosmetics, cheese, jewelry or great food? You’re in luck! It’s all within minutes.

  • For years Falernum has been among the most popular wine bars in Copenhagen – and nothing seems to change that.
  • Granola is pure nostalgia and perhaps just as popular as Falernum, especially when coffee is served in the backyard.
  • Vintage, Danish design classics and fun gadgets – you’ll find it all at the lovely boutique Dora.
  • Le Trois Cochons is not a restaurant with a French take on Danish bacon as the name might suggest. It’s much more than that…
  • Enter the flower shack, Blomsterskuret in 3A and smell the flowers.
  • Go around the corner and visit Central Hotel & Café in Tullinsgade, the smallest hotel in Copenhagen with only one room – and great coffee for anyone who missed the chance to stay here.
  • Hungry for French sausage and other delicacies to go? Drop by Le Gourmand!
  • And for some cheese – go to Helges Ost.

If you like Værnedamsvej, you might also like Jægersborggade.

Smallest hotel in Copenhagen
Central Hotel & Café – the smallest hotel in Copenhagen. Photo: Martin Heiberg.

How to get to Værnedamsvej?

Værnedamsvej is tucked in between Vesterbrogade/Frederiksberg Allé and Gammel Kongevej, close to The Lakes and St. Thomas Plads. Nearest metro station is Frederiksberg Allé on the M3 City Circle line.

Map of Værnedamsvej
Where fancy Frederiksberg meets vibrant Vesterbro. Welcome to Værnedamsvej.

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