Do you want to make the most of it? We’ve got you covered! With our itineraries we help you plan your stay in Copenhagen whether you’re a first timer looking for the classic Copenhagen experience, if you visit during Christmas or going on a summer holiday. Stick to the plan or add a little detour here and there. Enjoy!

Slow travel itinerary: 1 week in Copenhagen

You may be able to see most of Copenhagen’s sights in one day, but what’s the rush? Forget about a quick getaway and enjoy a real vacation in Copenhagen with 1 week in Copenhagen. This itinerary will give you a chance to experience the real Copenhagen and the hidden gems as well as it will show you where to mix and mingle with the Danes. Read on and figure out how to slow travel your way through Copenhagen in the summertime.

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Day 1: Arrive and explore your neighborhood

AM: Arrive and check in to your Airbnb

Welcome to your 1 week in Copenhagen. Whether you arrive at the airport or Central Station, take it easy! Grab a hotdog and take the metro, bus or S-train to your chosen destination. It’s not that there are not tons of great hotels to choose from but if you want to blend in and become part of Copenhagen, we highly recommend checking into an Airbnb. Preferably in Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Østerbro, Frederiksberg or Amager where you get the neighborhood feel without being too far from the city center.

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Airbnb in Copenhagen
Ditch the hotel and stay in an Airbnb when in Copenhagen

Afternoon: A walk in the park

Let’s assume it’s sunny and nice out. Get takeout from the local kebab place or grab a salad in the supermarket and head to a nearby park. If you’re staying in Nørrebro, you might want to check out Assistens Cemetery, or go to Fælledparken or Østre Anlæg in case you’re staying in Østerbro. In Frederiksberg the obvious choice would be Frederiksberg Gardens, while Amager is all about the beach. Lie down, smell the grass and enjoy your lunch.

On your way back, stop by the grocery store and buy whatever you need for your breakfast tomorrow morning.

Copenhagen is home to plenty of green oases. Not least Frederiksberg Gardens. Photo: Maria Sattrup.

Evening: Eat local

No matter what neighborhood you’re staying in, you will find lots of great dining options. Check out or if you’re looking to save a little money.

Day 2: Go sightseeing

9 am: Get up and get ready

Admitted! This day has nothing to do with slow travel but you might as well get it over with. Shower, have breakfast and wear something comfy. This is your super touristy day and you’re going sightseeing!

10.30 am: Rent a bike…

If you want to feel like a local, you need to get around like a local. There are several ways to rent a bike. If you want the authentic bicycle, many local bike shops offer rental bikes that will blend in perfectly. If you don’t mind looking like a tourist as you ride around town, get the Donkey Republic or the Bycyklen app and locate a bike nearby.

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bike copenhagen
Rule number 1: Rent a bike! Photo:

… and get touristy

Roll down the street and get comfortable on your bike, then head to Central Copenhagen. Don’t be late for the guard shift at Amalienborg, which takes place at 12 pm. Beware that you won’t be the only one there so get there a bit early if you can. It’s a monarchical show off and if you want to add a bit of excitement, try to see how close you can get to the guards before they start yelling at you.

After checking out the guards doing their thing, go to Marble Church across from Amalienborg and from there ride your bike down Bredgade, pass the Gefion Fountain and go the The Little Mermaid at Langelinje. Catch a glimpse of the little copper statue – if she’s not completely blocked by other tourists – and head to Nyhavn.

1 pm: Lunch time

If you want to try the traditional smørrebrød (open rye sandwich), stay in Nyhavn. Otherwise you can cross the bridge from Nyhavn to Christianshavn and have lunch at Broens Street Food.

Street food at Broens Gadekøkken at Inderhavnsbroen, right across from Nyhavn. Photo:

2 pm: Pit stop at Christiania

Ride your bike through Christianshavn in the direction of Freetown Christiania, park your bike and take a stroll through the colorful neighborhood. Take a quick walk through Pusher Street and explore the side streets. You might want to grab a cup of coffee somewhere and maybe play backgammon at Nemoland. Stay as long as you feel like before heading to the next tourist hot spot.

4 pm: To the tower

Jump on the bike again and cross Knippelsbro, pass Christiansborg and get off your bike at Højbro Plads. Walk through Købmagergade (walking street) to Rundetårn, Round Tower, and enjoy a bit of exercise when you walk up the tower. Enjoy the view and walk down again.

5 pm: Zen time at Kongens Have

Kongens Have (King’s Garden) offers a view of Rosenborg Castle, but most importantly it’s a great place to relax and meet the locals, who just got off from work. Bring beer, soda or whatever you like and enjoy the late afternoon sun.

6 am: Food and drinks at Kayak Bar

No need to dress up. Move on to Kayak Bar and grab a seat. You may have to wait a bit, but it’s worth it. Enjoy a casual dinner and drinks, maybe at a shared table, and stay for as long as you like… who knows. You might make new friends.

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If you have had too much to drink, leave the bike and get it tomorrow. Otherwise bring it on the metro.

Kayak Bar
Kayak Bar – one of Copenhagen’s coolest hangouts. Photo:

Day 3: Relax and recharge

AM: Wake up slowly

Today is about winding down and recharging. Bring your breakfast to the balcony or have brunch in bed. No rush.

Noon ish: Relax by the water

Who would have known! Copenhagen is actually a brilliant destination for beach bums. Go to Amager Beach for real beach life or to Svanemøllen Beach if you’re staying in outer Østerbro. Or do as many Copenhageners prefer – spend your day at the canals.

Copenhagen offers plenty of great harbor hangouts for sunbathing and swimming with Islands Brygge as the most popular spot, booming with primarily young people. Other options are Fisketorvet, Sandkaj in Nordhavn, Sluseholmen or in Christianshavn by Broens Street Food.

Life by the water in Copenhagen.
Beachy vibes in the middle of the city. Photo:

Evening: BBQ or picnic

Stay out if the weather allows and enjoy a simple barbeque if you’re up for it. Otherwise get pizza, sushi or kebab and enjoy the last sunrays of the day.

Day 4: Hello sailor!

11 ish: Go sailing

Pack a bag with extra clothes, a towel and a few snacks and ride your bike to your chosen boat rental. If you are looking for electric boats that are easy to navigate there are two good options: Friendships in Christianshavn and GoBoat in Islands Brygge. Note that you have to book these boats in advance. Another option is Copenhagen Boat Rent by Fisketorvet, which offers motorboats. It is not possible to book a boat at Copenhagen Boat Rent – you simply just have to show up and wait. On a sunny day it can take a while. While you wait you might as well enjoy an hour at the pool or wait by the pier. That’s what slow travel is all about – enjoying the moment between the moments.

The advantage of GoBoat and Friendships is that the boat trip is more comfortable and you can sit around a table. The downside is that you have to book in advance and you need to return the boat on time. The motorboats from Copenhagen Boat Rent are able to go faster, however they are not as comfy and won’t seat as many people. The greatest advantage is that you don’t have to book in advance and you can keep the boat for as long as you want.

Boat rent in Copenhagen
Explore the canals in your own pace like a true slow traveler.

Afternoon: Enjoy Copenhagen from the water

It’s not entirely up to you, where you want to go with your boat. There are certain rules. But it would make sense going through Holmens Canal, around Christiansborg, continue by Nyhavn and cross the water and sail to the backside of Christiania. Stay here for a bit, have a chat with other sailors passing by and jump in the water if you feel like it. Once you’ve had your break, continue through Christianshavn and back to your boat rent.

Want to experience the water in a different way? Rent a kayak at Kayak Republic.

Evening: Cool down after a hot day on the water

A day on the water is fun but it can also be exhausting. So do whatever makes you happy but don’t stress about it. You have 1 week in Copenhagen, which gives you plenty of time to explore it all. Check out Meatpacking District if you haven’t already done so. Or head back to your Airbnb for an early night.

Meatpacking District Copenhagen
Enjoy a night out in Meatpacking District.

Day 5: Relax at Refshaleøen

AM: Wake up

Wake up, eat your breakfast and take it slowly. Don’t forget – you have 1 week in Copenhagen and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Today is about hanging out and living life. Again!

12 pm: Refshaleøen

Refshaleøen is possibly the coolest part of Copenhagen! Known for super fancy restaurants such as Amass and Alchemist as well as Copenhagen’s biggest food market, Reffen, is more than just food. However, this is where locals as well as tourists go to eat and hang out on a sunny day. In this place your lunch could easily last for five hours!

You can easily spend all day at Reffen but there’s more to the old, industrial island. Looking for wellness? Head to Copenhot for some outdoor jacuzzi time. It’s even possible to go for a ride in a floating hot tub. Want to mingle with the locals over a beer or a glass of wine, go to La Banchina – once a hidden gem by a small harbor, now a popular hangout with a great mellow vibe. Looking for a posh beach club? Also a possibility if you go to Halvandet.

Evening: Stay or go…

You may want to stay in Refshaleøen. If not you might want to go back to your apartment, get dressed and eat out. Let’s suggest Guldkroen in Nørrebro for a traditional pork feast – or explore what’s on the menu in some of Vesterbro’s many great restaurants. Do you think social dining could be fun? Then check out Absalon in Vesterbro.

You might want to taste it all at Reffen.

Day 6: Take a walk on the wild side

Morning and afternoon: Wake up and tie your shoes…

With yesterday’s calorie intake you might want to consider burning some. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting the gym. Have a solid breakfast, tie your shoes and head to Amager for a day of walking the Amarmino. The Copenhagen version of The Camino.  

Take the metro to DR Byen and start the hike. The full hike takes 5-6 hours. If that’s too much it’s possible to cut it short. The hike is a great contrast to the city and will take you by nature reserves, meadows, coastline and the small town of Dragør. A great hike if you’re up for it.

Amarminoen is a 26 kilometer hike from DR Byen to Dragør. Photo: Martin Heiberg.

Do you prefer a city walk? Tour the three parks Ørstedsparken, Botanical Garden and Østre Anlæg and continue to Kastellet. Or stroll down Nørrebrogade, Istedgade or Gammel Kongevej if you want to do a bit of shopping and experience some of the cool streets of Copenhagen.

Evening: Go somewhere nice!

Copenhagen is packed with great restaurant, and you definitely deserve to go somewhere nice. After dinner you may feel like a drink or two. Check out Meatpacking District in Vesterbro for a great party on weekends, Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro or Central Copenhagen for a variety of cocktail bars and clubs.

Hygge in Nørrebro
Enjoy a night out in Ravnsborggade. Photo: Maria Sattrup

Day 7: Repeat and enjoy the show!

Morning and afternoon: Do whatever makes you happy

Maybe you feel like another day at the beach, or perhaps you want to explore more of Refshaleøen. Basically you should enjoy your last day just the way you want to.

Want to find a hidden gem and get lost? Visit BaneGaarden, a little organic oasis hidden behind the railway tracks between Vesterbro and Sydhavn. Depending on the schedule there might be a concert, a beer tasting or another event going on – and of course, plenty of good food and coffee.

Evening: Go to a concert!

If you haven’t already done so during your 1 week in Copenhagen, you may want to visit Byhaven by Pumpehuset today, depending on whether or not there’s a concert – an outdoor venue where you can enjoy free concerts while having drinks and snacks.

If nothing is happening at Byhaven, maybe there’s a concert at Christiania – or even at Tivoli if you want to do something a bit more traditional but also touristy. Whatever you choose, make it a night to remember.

Byhaven København
Visit Byhaven for a concert and a drink. Photo: Byhaven

Day 8: 1 week in Copenhagen has come to an end

Wake up, pack your bags and leave your Airbnb in proper condition. If you have time, enjoy a brunch at Mad & Kaffe, which you will find in Vesterbro, Amager, Nørrebro and Frederiksberg before heading to the airport or train station after this brilliant 1 week in Copenhagen.

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