All you need to know about visiting or staying in Østerbro when you travel to Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Neighborhood Guide.
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Østerbro: Cool calmness

Where to stay in Copenhagen if you like classic architecture and green parks as well as an urban, yet quiet and family oriented atmosphere? Head to Østerbro – one of the most prominent residential areas in Copenhagen.

Østerbro combines the finer things in life with a local attitude. Home to a bunch of Copenhagen’s classic luxury flats and town houses, great restaurants, cool cafés and fashion boutiques this is the place to stay if you want to experience the convenient elegance of Copenhagen. You will find Michelin starred restaurants like Geranium as well as the unique rooftop farm restaurant, Gro Spiseri. An overpriced cup of coffee is always just around the corner but so is a lush green oasis.

Østerbro is for you if…

  • you want to mingle with the locals
  • enjoy an urban atmosphere without too much noise
  • you appreciate green parks and recreational areas
  • you are travelling with kids
Dag H a classic Østerbro Café by The Lakes Photo Robin Skjoldborg

Where is Østerbro

Østerbro is located at the northern end of the city starting at Østerport Station. The area borders Nørrebro to the west, Hellerup to the north and Øresund to the east where Nordhavn forms the modern, maritime part of Østerbro. Parts of the city such as Langelinie, home of The Little Mermaid, and the old town houses in Kartoffelrækkerne (Potato Rows) may have the postal code of Østerbro but most people consider these areas to be Central Copenhagen.

Map of Østerbro

Streets and areas to explore in Østerbro

If you’re on the lookout for parties and young crowds dancing in the streets Østerbro might seem a bit dull. But there’s actually quite a lot going on in this part of the city. Let’s start in the central part of the neighborhood and work our way through Østerbro in the direction of Hellerup. 

Søerne – The Lakes

The Lakes, stretching from Vesterbro via Nørrebro to Østerbro, form the dividing line between Central Copenhagen and the ‘bros’. At the Østerbro end of The Lakes you will find Sortedams Lake. Take a stroll around the lake – or several lakes – enjoy a cup of coffee or have lunch by the water.

A moment of peace by The Lakes Photo Maria Sattrup


Trianglen is a central hub in Østerbro that connects Østerbrogade with Nordre Frihavnsgade and Blegdamsvej. From here you can catch the M3 that will take you to Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Central Copenhagen. 

Nordre Frihavnsgade

This street is the epitome of Østerbro. A shopping street that offers everything from fashion to wine, cheese and other delicacies. Take a stroll and enjoy the atmosphere.

Fælledparken and Parken

Fælledparken is the biggest park area in Copenhagen with plenty of space to enjoy a social distancing picnic or go for a run. Also home to Parken Stadium, home of FC Copenhagen as well as the Danish national football team.


10 years ago the Nordhavn area consisted of old warehouses, silos and other industrial leftovers. Today Nordhavn has been converted into a residential area where modern architecture and old, restored silos form a posh, high-end district that connects maritime atmosphere with everyday life. Although the area is brand new it does not lack personality. In Nordhavn you will find plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars – and in the summer time you can experience a lively, happy atmosphere when the Copenhageners gather along the water.

Enjoy the laidback lifestyle by the water in Nordhavn Photo Büro Jantzen

Østerbro with kids

This might be the perfect neighborhood for families travelling to Copenhagen with kids. Østerbro is a nice, quiet neighborhood where you don’t have to worry about parties or noise – and also it’s a neighborhood characterized by large apartments and plenty of space. In Østerbro you are always close to a park: Fælledparken, Østre Anlæg, Kildevældsparken, Kastellet and many others – the obvious neighborhood if you want to relax in green surroundings after a long day of sightseeing.

Playgrounds in Østerbro

  • Looking to get wet? Visit the Water Playground in Fælledparken where the kids can enjoy the paddling pool, play in the water maze and cool off under a rain cloud. The Water Playground is open from June to August.
  • In Fælledparken you will also find the more traditional playground with swings, sand pits and much more at the Tower Playground located right next to the Skate Park.
  • Fælledparken is definitely the place to go with kids. Also if you want to teach them a traffic lesson. The Traffic Playground is a little town with streets, traffic lights, a gas station and much more where kids can borrow bicycles and practice the rules before entering the streets of Copenhagen.
  • At Silkeborg Plads you will find one of Østerbro’s most popular playgrounds, primarily for smaller children. The playground is gated and there are park benches and green areas for adults who want to relax while the kids are playing.
  • For the kids that like to climb, jump on the trampoline, play ball and stay active go to the northern end of Fælledparken (by Serridslevvej) where you will find a combined workout and play area.
  • If you’re staying in Nordhavn bring the kids to Konditaget Lüders – a recreational rooftop park made for cross fit, ball play and fun activities for kids.
  • Østerbro also offers an indoor playground. Blegdamsremisen is an activity space for children age 0-12 with little workshops, LEGO, slides and much more.
Tower Playground in Fælledparken

Accommodation – where to stay in Østerbro

Østerbro is first and foremost a residential area. However you will find some hotels in the original part of Østerbro as well as in Nordhavn.

If you want to experience the local atmosphere in Østerbro you should consider renting an airbnb. Unlike Nørrebro and Vesterbro the apartments in Østerbro are often relatively big with enough space for the whole family. The architecture is mainly from late 1800’s, which explains why only few older buildings are equipped with an elevator.

Looking for convenience such as large terraces and big bathrooms? Consider Nordhavn with it’s new buildings and comfortable apartments. Prefer the classic style? Check out apartments between Østerbro Station and Strandboulevarden/Jagtvej.

Enjoy the local atmosphere in Østerbro Photo Maria Sattrup

Wine and dine in Østerbro

The Copenhagen dining scene is constantly changing – also in Østerbro. With that said, this neighborhood never disappoints. Østerbro is a haven for health fanatics as well as wine connoisseurs. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Veggie Wonderland

Vegans, vegetarians and climate conscious souls won’t have a hard time finding a place to eat in Østerbro. Check out Baryl in Århusgade or Souls in Melchiors Plads if you’re looking for casual dining – or VeVe if you’re looking for a vegetarian gourmet experience in a charming old warehouse around Langelinje.

Nordhavn for food lovers

Restaurant Silo in Nordhavn is not only a great place to eat. It also offers the best view over the harbor, Østerbro and the rest of Copenhagen from 17thfloor. Casual gourmet served in a cool, elegant setting. Another great Nordhavn option is The Audo in Århusgade where design, architecture and food creates the perfect atmosphere.

Wine galore

There’s really no need to leave Østerbro if you’re looking for a great wine experience. Check out the Italian Beviamo in Nordre Frihavnsgade or the organic wine bar Pasteur at Trianglen.

Back to nature

Imagine having your dinner in a 600m2 urban rooftop garden. Gro Spiseri is indeed something else! In a traditional greenhouse the restaurant serves a seasonal, organic five-course menu based on local produce. With only 24 seatings and one table you get the chance to enjoy your dinner with the other guests – a truly unique food experience that will take you one step closer to nature.

ØsterGRO a rooftop garden and a unique dining experience Photo Martin Heiberg


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