Seeing is believing! Check out our collection of photos and videos from Copenhagen and beyond and get a sneak peak into the everyday life as well as events, festivals and much more. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what awaits you in Scandinavia’s ‘Capital of Cool’.

The videos and photos of Copenhagen and the surrounding areas are partly our own, partly borrowed. Thank you to all the great photographers and filmmakers – film and photo credit can be found under each post.

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If Copenhagen was a person…

No doubt she’s pretty but can she also be witty? She’ll balance on heels but even better on two wheels…

Ok, we’ll leave the rhyming to Visit Copenhagen who captured the essence of the Copenhagen spirit pretty well in this ultra short poetry clip. Watch the video of Copenhagen and experience Copenhagen in 102 seconds. Enjoy!

Wanna stay a bit longer? This is what 48 hours in Copenhagen could look like!


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