Assistens Cemetery

Enjoy a little piece of heaven in the middle of Nørrebro. Have a picnic or take a stroll through this idyllic place, surrounded by old tombstones.
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A little piece of heaven in Nørrebro

While most cemeteries are sacred and quiet, Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro is quite different. This is the burial site of Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kirkegaard, Niels Bohr and a bunch of other famous Danes, who have gone to rest here since the 18thcentury, and although it still functions as a cemetery, it is primarily used as a park for the many locals strolling through every day.

The cemetery was built to take the pressure off the cemeteries in the central part of Copenhagen and today it is the most famous of all cemeteries in Denmark. Assistens Cemetery is a place to go to rest – and not only if you’re dead. On a sunny day you will see people sunbathing, taking a break and hanging out. Though the neighborhood’s busiest street, Nørrebrogade, is just behind the wall, it feels like the city is lightyears away.

It may come as a shock to some foreigners that the Danes hang out in a cemetery among tombstones and buried people but it should not be confused with bad manners or lack of respect. Assistens Cemetery may be a resting place for the dead, but it is also a tribute to life, so join the locals and enjoy the unspoiled nature in a truly idyllic setting. You may even think of it as a little piece of heaven.

Assistens cemetery entrance from Jagtvej
Welcome to Assistens Cemetery!

How to get there

Look for the yellow wall, which can be seen from Nørrebrogade, Jagtvej and Kapelvej, about halfway between The Lakes and Nørrebro Station. It shouldn’t be too hard! If you take the metro, get off at Nørrebro Runddel and you have arrived!

What to do in Assistens Cemetery?

  • Buy a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop and take a stroll.
  • Do a picnic on a sunny day.
  • Go treasure hunting and see if you can find Hans Christian Andersen, Kirkegaard and some of the other famous Danes buried here.

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