The Lakes

When the sun comes out, the Danes come out and chances are you will meet them by The Lakes, the waterholes that connects most areas of Copenhagen.
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The connecting link

The Lakes in Copenhagen connects the four neighborhoods VesterbroFrederiksberg, Nørrebro and Østerbro with Central Copenhagen. While it looks like there are five lakes, there are in fact only three; Sortedams Lake, Peblinge Lake and Sankt Jørgen Lake. The walking distance around The Lakes is only 6 km, which just shows how easy it is to go from one end of the city to the other.

The Lakes are a perfect recreational spot offering some of the best views of the city as well as they make up for a very popular meeting point among the locals.

A sunny day by The Lakes in Copenhagen

When the sun comes out you will see how the city is brought to life, especially at the area around Dronning Louise’s Bridge. You will see people strolling around while sipping on a cold beverage or a hot cup of coffee. Benches will be packed, children will be be feeding the ducks and runners will  be zigzagging their way through the crowds.

During summer you can rent rowing boats or pedal boats at Søernes Bådudlejning (Copenhagen Lakes Boat Rentals), situated by Dronning Louise’s Bridge.

People walking by The Lakes in Copenhagen
Walking path around The Lakes

Dronning Louise’s Bridge

At The Lakes you will find the very popular Dronning Louise’s Bro (Queen Louise’s Bridge) which connects the city centre with Nørrebro. With more than 40.000 cyclists crossing the bridge every day, this is not only a bridge but also the busiest bicycle street in the world. However, it is not just a path for bikes or a bridge connecting two neighborhoods. It is also an important landmark and one of the most popular places to hang out in Nørrebro.

On sunny days the bridge will be packed with locals hanging out on benches, railings and sidewalks, talking, listening to music and enjoying the weather.

5 places to get your coffee

  • Go to Kaffesalonen by Dronning Louise’s Bridge and enjoy a snack and a drink right on the lake.
  • Looking for croissants to go with your coffee? Take a break at Den Franske Café at Sortedams Dossering 101.
  • Coming from Vesterbro? Grab a cup to go at Pauseriet before starting your walk.
  • For something stronger, stop by Søernes Ølbar and have a cold beer.
  • Or enter the cocktail cave at Bar Next Door by Dronning Louise’s Bridge.

Where are The Lakes Copenhagen

There are many streets leading to the Lakes in Copenhagen, Gl. Kongevej, Åboulevard, Nørrebrogade, Østerbrogade just to mention a few. Go straight to the map here!

Map of The Lakes.
Map of The Lakes and the surrounding areas


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