Flee markets, skater life, coffee, playgrounds and a day off at The Red Square, Black Market og The Green Park.
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A fusion of architecture and art in Nørrebro

Superkilen is an urban space, which really reflects Nørrebro’s colorful DNA. Also Superkilen is a tribute to the diversity that Nørrebro – more than any other neighborhood in Copenhagen – is known for.

The urban space is divided into three areas, which are color coded in black, red and green, each with its own identity and function. The perfect places to explore daily life or do any kind of recreational activity. Not least, Superkilen makes up for a great place to meet or observe the locals.

Skaters at Superkilen
There’s always something going on at The Red Square. Photo: Giuseppe Liverino

Locals were asked to contribute to the design of Superkilen and nominate specific objects from their home country or countries they have lived in or traveled to. If you take a good look, you will be able to find 99 objects from 59 countries that represent the neighborhood’s diversity such as swings from Iraq, a boxing ring from Thailand and a fountain from Morocco.

There’s plenty to see and do here with several places to rest, play, have a barbecue or exercise, all while exploring the many objects and their stories. Why not go on a little treasure hunt? Maybe you will find all 99 exotic treasures around The Red Square, The Black Market and The Green Park.

To find all the 99 “hidden” treasures check out this map!

Red, black, green?

  • The Red Square is located at Nørrebrogade, Nørrebro’s most busy street. A great pitstop if you crave a cup of coffee or if the kids need a break. If it’s your lucky day, there might be a flee market or a pop up concert going on. You never know…
  • Black Market is located in between The Red Square and The Green Park. Go here, if you want to play chess or ride your skateboard or roller blades around the concrete hills of Nørrebro. Less talk, more play!
  • The Green Park is the most quiet of the three, located between Black Market and Tagensvej. Lie down on the grass, read a book or play basket ball with your friends – or join the locals.

How to get to Superkilen

If you’re coming from Indre By by bike, cross Dronning Louise’s Bridge and ride a few kilometers along Nørrebrogade until The Red Square shows up on the right hand side, approximately halfway between Nørrebro’s Runddel and Nørrebro Station.

If you’re on the M3 metro line, you can get off at Skjolds Plads and walk a few minutes to reach The Green Park. Or get off at Nørrebro Station and walk a few minutes down Nørrebrogade in order to reach The Red Square.

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