Cool, classy and calm

If you are looking for a neighborhood in Copenhagen that is quiet, central and beautiful, Frederiksberg might be the place to stay. Frederiksberg is one of Copenhagen’s most posh neighborhoods with giant green parks, beautiful avenues, trendy boutiques and restaurants, and while you are in close proximity to the city center, Frederiksberg is very much its own little community.

This neighborhood is cool, classy and quiet – a great place to stay, whether you travel to Copenhagen with friends or family.

Frederiksberg is your best bet if…

  • you love picnics or a stroll in the park
  • shopping is on your to do list
  • you want to stay in a quiet neighborhood
  • you want easy access to Nørrebro, Vesterbro og Indre By
Frederiksberg Allé.
Frederiksberg Allé – one of the neighborhood’s most iconic streets. Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Where is Frederiksberg?

Frederiksberg borders Nørrebro to the northeast, Valøse to the northwest, Valby and Vesterbro to the south and Indre By to the east. You have easy access to Central Copenhagen, Amager and the airport with metro lines M1 and M2, while the M3 line takes you across the city to Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro. If you want to jump on the bike it will take you 10-20 minutes to reach Central Copenhagen depending on where in Frederiksberg you are staying.

Map Frederiksberg.
Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Central Copenhagen can be reached in no time.

Frederiksberg with kids – yes or no?

Definitely yes! Frederiksberg is a great choice if you are traveling with children. With easy access to public transport, lots of playgrounds, an indoor swimming pool and some of Copenhagen’s most amazing parks, this is a great choice for families.

Kids in Copenhagen.
Traveling to Copenhagen with kids? Frederiksberg is a great choice.

5 things you should do with your kids

Picnic in Frederiksberg Gardens

Pack a lunchbox and take the kids to Frederiksberg Gardens, also known as Frederiksberg Have. Here you can walk the paths along small waterways, have a picnic in front Frederiksberg Castle, go the playground, see the elephants in the zoo and go for a boat ride. Dressed in white, green, yellow or red – the park looks stunning in all seasons!

A walking safari in Copenhagen ZOO

Next door to Frederiksberg Gardens you will find the Copenhagen Zoo, where you can see elephants, camels, polar bears, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, reptiles and much more. Enjoy lunch while looking at the pandas or join in on some of the many activities that take place everyday. The program will be announced daily at 10 a.m. on

Copenhagen Zoo.
See the elephants from Frederiksberg Gardens or take a tour of Copenhagen ZOO. Photo: Henrik Sørensen

Get creative at Creative Space

On a rainy day – or sunny for that matter – take the kids to Creative Space in Gammel Kongevej. Here you can immerse yourselves and spend time together in a different way while painting cups, plates, bowls and much more. After you’re done, your ceramics will be burned and you can either pick it up after a few days or have it sent to your home address. Please note that you need to make an appointment at Creative Space.

Go swimming in Frederiksberg public swimming pool

One of Copenhagen’s most traditional public swimming pools. Here you can get a workout as well as the kids can go on the slide. Or leave the kids with your partner and go to the spa and spend some time in the jacuzzi or enjoy a bit of sauna therapy. The pool is closed due to renovations until June 2021.

KU.BE – the indoor playground

Do your children need to burn off energy? Take them to KU.BE, an indoor playground and activity house where the kids can climb, tumble around and play. KU.BE is located on the outer Frederiksberg between Flintholm and Lindevang stations.

Frederiksberg Gardens.
Go on a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of Frederiksberg Gardens. Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Playgrounds in Frederiksberg

  • The playground by Aksel Møllers Haveoffers a climbing net, a ship, trampolines and picnic facilities.
  • The newly renovated playground at Borgmester Godskesens Pladshas a pirate ship, swings and a little zipline.
  • At Danas Plads you will find a playground by an old bunker with trampolines, climbing facilities, swings and much more.
  • The nature playground at Egernvejoffers fewer facilities but more nature and great picnic areas.
  • The playground at Femte Juni Pladsis also known as the ‘train playground’. Climb the rails or ride the train: kids seem to love it.
  • Frederiksberg Have is one of the playground hotspots. The playground is a miniature version of the park itself and known to be one of the safest around Copenhagen.
  • Parkour, climbing and swings: The nature playground at Grøndalsparken has it all.
  • On Hattesens Allé the youngest ones are the center of attention. Here you will find slides, a ‘fire station’ and much more.
  • Do you want to work out while the kids are playing? The playground at Hostrups Have offers cross fit facilities as well as everything the kids can dream of.
  • The newly renovated playground at Kejserinde Dagmars Plads, right next to Frederiksberg Mall is ideal for the kids who want to play kings and queens.
  • With Frederiksberg’s tallest play tower and ball courts the playground at Langelands Plads is fun for everyone.
  • Ready to get wet? Lindevangsparkenplayground is a socalled electronic water playground, but also offers a fun maze, climbing facilities and much more.
  • Combine a stroll around The Lakes with a bit of play. Søfrontsparken has a small playground, right by St. Jørgens Lake.
  • Enjoy a picnic and let the kids play at the Steenwinkelsvej playground on Seesaws, trampolines and walls for climbing bring joy to children all ages.
Playground in Frederiksberg.
Frederiksberg is booming with playgrounds. Photo: Sergio Pavlishko

Points of interest – where to go?

Stay local and enjoy everything Frederiksberg has to offer! Except for the obvious highlights such as Copenhagen ZOO and Frederiksberg Gardens, these are five things you might want to consider.

Down under at Cisternerne

Once a water reservoir, now an underground exhibition venue located at Søndermarken across from Frederiksberg Castle. As you walk down beneath the green surface of the park, you enter a moist, underground universe that needs to be seen, heard, felt and smelled. The exhibition at Cisternerne varies but you can pretty much expect some sort of art amplified by the dark, mysterious surroundings.

Go underground at Cisternerne, an old water reservoir in Søndermarken. Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Shop at Gammel Kongevej

As one of the main streets of Frederiksberg, Gammel Kongevej is the place to go if you’re looking to spoil yourself with clothes, shoes and interior design as well as coffee or brunch. The street starts at City Hall and continues to Planetarium The Lakes.

Run, enjoy a picnic or play at Søndermarken

While Frederiksberg Gardens is nice, neat and polished, Søndermarken offers the more rough version of a walk in the park. This is where you go if you want to run without being disturbed, if you want to meet dogs, if you want to explore hidden gems or simply just have a picnic.

A walk in the garden – Haveselskabets Have

Frederiksberg is definitely a gardener’s paradise but if you really want to get botanical you should head to Haveselskabets Have, located in Frederiksberg Gardens, on the right side of the main entrance. This is a place to relax, reflect and enjoy the view of the calm water in the lakes surrounded by all shades of green.

A French affair at Værnedamsvej

Værnedamsvej is both part of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro. Nevertheless it’s the place to go if you want wine and dine, shop or hang out – or simply just enjoy the good atmosphere. The street might be short but it has a lot to offer. Falernum wine bar, Les Trois Cochons and Granola, just to mention a few.

Enjoy a night out on Værnedamsvej where Frederiksberg meets Vesterbro. Photo: Maria Sattrup
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